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Commercial Inspections


Commercial Building Inspections are conducted throughout British Columbia.

Our commercial inspections will provide you with information you need to make informed decisions. Cornerstone Building Inspections has over 25 years of commercial inspection experience and is a registered member of HIABC.

Whether you’re buying or leasing a commercial property you should be aware of any previous issues or concerns with it. We are trained and certified to conduct inspections and make assessments of commercial property and its mechanical systems.

We look at the condition of the building’s roof, the exterior & interior construction, the commercial site, building structure, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems and much more. Cornerstone will even examine previous repairs done to the commercial property. Then we put it all together in a thorough and in-depth report.

We have extensive experience with a wide range of commercial inspections, including:

  • office centers
  • shopping centers
  • strip malls
  • rental properties
  • hotels
  • restaurants and bars *
  • heritage buildings
  • industrial buildings
  • manufacturing Plants
  • agricultural green house growing operations
  • warehousing
  • schools
  • recreation centers
  • hospitals
  • government buildings

* If required, we are in a position to review the cooking equipment for operation, efficiency, and code compliance.

Very few properties are in perfect condition. You can trust and expect that your commercial inspection report will clearly detail significant findings and identify any areas of concern.

For more information or to book your commercial property inspection call 604-618-6870.