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Restaurants • Cafes • Food Processing Plants • Bars

Cornerstone’s personnel are specifically trained and vetted by the distinguished Canadian consulting firm, CDW Engineering, based in Toronto. This company sets the bar for standards throughout North America - example: ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide Commercial Condition Assessments.


Cornerstone’s overview of such eating establishments is extensive. Example: for continued tenancy the owners of restaurants leased from the Parks Board of Vancouver - Tea House, Boat House, Seasons In The Park, etcetera - rely on our assessments for insurance coverage. Local major restaurant chains, specifically Boston Pizza (BC), engage our services to review their restaurants at time of new franchise ownership. Additionally, numerous cafes and smaller fast-food outlets often request our services to conduct onsite evaluations as the business expands. It is our opinion the municipal and provincial code requirements, specifically the City of Vancouver, are complex in nature and challenging. Therefore, our experience and expertise becomes a valuable asset in assisting the food industry, specifically when time is of the essence.

Purchasing an existing restaurant business, accompanying equipment and committing to an acceptable lease agreement is a significant undertaking. Cornerstone’s trained personnel will ensure code compliance associated with physical and mechanical components and that health and safety regulations are acceptable; such elements are key factors. Often when a new owner applies for a business licence issues of concern surface, such as: improvements “performed” by non-trades personnel, absence of municipal permitting and possible landlord issues of negligence on file which were not addressed. Our onsite review incorporates the following Class (1) and Class (2) cooking operations.


Class (1) - Grease Laden Vapors 

These set requirements are related to restaurants which provide a diversified menu with a sizable seating capacity, therefore defined as the following: any cooking process which produces significant smoke or grease laden vapors and includes any equipment which has been designed by the manufacturer to be able to produce significant smoke or grease laden vapors, except where specifically approved under another task.

Compliance with NEPA 96 (Type 1 Hood(

  • Fry grill
  • Griddle
  • Salamander
  • Deep fat fryer
  • Pan frying
  • Barbeque
  • Rotisserie
  • Donair vertical broiler
  • Tilting skillet
  • Braising pan
  • Range (burners of hot top)
  • Stove
  • Hot plate (gas burning, electrical coil or flat top)
  • Induction cooker
  • Electrical frying pan
  • Conveyor convection oven if used for cooking chicken wings or other bulk meat
  • Oven used for cooking meat
  • Charbroiled wok


Class (2) - Steam and Heat Removal

These set requirements are related to food outlets which cater to cafes and smaller fast food outlets with minimum seating capacity, therefore defined as the following: any cooking equipment or process which produces significant steam or heat but does not produce grease laden vapors.

Compliance with VRBL-B Article parts (5) and (6).

  • Closed pizza oven
  • Conveyor pizza oven if used for pizza or bread
  • Baking oven
  • Coffee maker
  • Coffee roasting
  • Hot dog display heater
  • Pastry oven
  • Popcorn maker
  • Roll warmer steam reconstruction device
  • Steamer
  • Toaster
  • Warming oven


The following would be considered appliances designated within the potential of Class (1) cooking but used for Class (2) cooking

Upon establishing the classification of cooking equipment we confirm the operability of the following mechanical components / physical features, and thereafter potential health and safety issues:

  • Exhaust hood ventilation
  • Rooftop exhaust fans
  • Fire suppression system
  • Makeup air distribution
  • Ecology units
  • OV systems
  • Mechanical gas pull station
  • Manual gas shutoff valves
  • Fire dampers
  • Filtration systems
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Natural gas detection
  • Kitchen floor drains / grease traps
  • HVAC heating venting and air conditioning
  • Walk-in freezers / coolers
  • Plumbing / restroom installations
  • Electrical equipment for code - hot water heating devices
  • Sprinkler installations
  • Full physical evaluation of walls / floors / ceilings / suspended T-bar ceiling systems / crawlspaces / storage areas

Health and Safety Issues
Past experience has proven to our company that the majority of business owners do ensure a safe and healthy environment for their employees and that the general public receives a high degree of hygiene which is enforced during the processing of food. However, there is still a strong element of business owners who tend to lapse or neglect their responsibilities. You can rest assured our onsite review will incorporate a comprehensive search for evidence of rodent activity / containment and blatant safety issues of concern.

Upon completion of our onsite evaluation Cornerstone will make available a detailed thorough report within two to three working days, complete with photographic evidence and recommendations. Such essential information enables the client to move forward in a positive manner within contractual agreements.

Cornerstone Building Inspections is a registered inspector and member of the Home Inspectors Association of British Columbia. Contact us today for your pre-listing inspection – 604.618.6870