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Services & Fees for Property Inspections

What are your property inspection fees? This is usually one of the first questions we get asked. Our fees are competitive with the market and reflective of our level of experience.  We’ve been inspecting properties since 1990.  Commercial and building inspection fees will depend on the size and nature of the property being inspected, therefore an estimate will be required.  Below is a table of our standard inspection fees for residential properties.

Homes up to 3000 Sq.Ft: $395.00 - $595.00
Homes over 3000 Sq.Ft: Starting from $595.00
Town Homes $395.00 - $495.00
Condominiums Apartment (Unit Only)
Physical, mechanical and all appliances: $325.00
Condominiums Apartment (Unit Plus)
Exterior building, roof, parkade, mechanical, common areas etc: $495.00.
Warranty Reviews 1-2-5-10 $325.00 - $525.00
Building and Commercial Property Request an estimate
Laboratory Asbestos Sampling Request an estimate

We also conduct independent audits for structural, mechanical, roof envelope, foundation, moisture and much more. Contact us for an estimate.